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“Zalacaín is the perfect balancebetween the traditional and the modern, between the kitchen and the lounge, between the experience of its team and the drive of its new hires”

Under the leadership of a team comprising Carmen González as Director of Operations,  Carmelo Pérez as Director of the Restaurant and Julio Miralles as Executive Chef, Executive Chef, Zalacaín preserves the atmosphere of a legendary place while incorporating vitality and audacity to a project that is not only an icon of gastronomy in Madrid, but also a reference in the business and political world. A meeting and agreement place with top-quality cuisine that preserves the traditional flavours of Zalacaín after 45 years of History.

Julio Miralles
Executive Chef

Carmen González

Raúl Miguel Revilla


The gastronomic concept of this landmark restaurant continues to be based on the excellent choice of products and in a cuisine of backgrounds and roots. Julio Miralles, Executive Chef, endeavoured to preserve the fundamental pillars of traditional Zalacaín, while changing the visual perception of the fare by the guest, bringing light and state-of-the-art to all of them.


Carmen González is the Director of Operations in charge of leading the teams, bringing out the best in each one, measuring details with care in order to make the customer experience in Zalacaín unforgettable.

Raúl Miguel Revilla, Sommelier of the restaurant, will offer the guest over a thousand references of red, white, rosé, sparkling, sweet and fortified wines. A proposal that follows in the wake of the philosophy embedded in the design by Custodio López Zamarra.


Raquel Castellanos, architect and interior designer who heads the “LaFinca Architecture” team, is responsible for the decoration of this third stage. Light is foremost, acting as the guiding principle of the various spaces.


Natural silk wall coverings. Innovative design with textile and metallic accents. American walnut root veneers provide warmth and elegance to the various lounges. Natural stone used in representative features provides uniqueness and a sculptural character. No detail in Zalacaín is random.


“His soul is still intact, but the continent has been modernized and adapted to the new times”. 
Macarena Escrivá
Traveler CondéNast
“…genuine perfection” 
Ana Marcos
El Economista
“…Restaurants like this, which are part of the gastronomic heritage of Madrid, should be protected. Zalacain has changed his appearance, but not his philosophy. " 
Carlos Maribona
Culinary critic