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Amuse bouche: “Rosemary Butter”
Amuse bouche: croquette “Zalacaín”
Amuse bouche: chef’s snack
Surf consommé with spider crab cake and plankton oil
Carpaccio of Scarlet Shrimp with crispy apple and its coral
Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, truffles and goose foie
Hake in pil pil sauce, pearls of yellow chili pepper and ash from its roe
Squab with thyme-lemon juice and onion cake
House-selected Cheese
Chai tea latte french toast with sesame ice cream

Tasting Menu €90

€129 Tasting menu and wine pairing, selected by our sommelier
*The tasting menu must be served for the whole table.
VAT included

Bread and snacks €4,50
VAT included
In private lounges, prices will increase by 10%
Please speak to your waiter to view our allergens menu