We Cook History

Zalacaín preserves in its menu some of the most emblematic dishes of this restaurant. Among the classics are the Small Vase “Don Pío” of 1975, the Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, truffles and goose foie of 1978 or the Sea Bass Tartare of 1981, among others.

The cuisine of Zalacaín is based on excellent season products lovingly respected in each creation. Off-menu suggestions are some of our hallmarks, changing with the products and the market.

  • Starters Full Price / Half serving

Imperial “Beluga” Caviar (1gr) (1gr) 4,50€
Fine Claire Oyster N2 with champagne (per piece) 7,00€
Fine Claire Oyster N2 “Amelie” (per piece) 5,75€
Belon Oyster (per piece) 5,75€
Acorn-fed Iberian Ham 39€/22€
Seasonal Vegetable Stew with Iberian Ham 26€/14€
Shellfish cream with cauliflower foam 19€/11€
Small vase “Don Pío” (quail eggs, smoked salmon and “Beluga” caviar) 48€/26€
Blue Lobster Salad 45€/25€
Prawn Salad with colored beets and sweet vinaigrette 28€/16€
Sea Bass Tartar with caviar 36€/20€
White Shrimp Carpaccio tempered with Bilbao sauce 36€/20€
Duck cannelloni with vermouth 26€/14€
Goose foie terrine, kumquat and apple sauce 28€/16€
Mushroom Ravioli with foie and truffle 33€/18€
Egg, potato, rashers and truffle 39€/22€
Lasagna au gratin of mushrooms and goose liver 29€/16€
Scallop Beurre Blanc of sea urchin and apple 29€/16€
Market Product today at Zalacaín Market Price
  • Fish Full Price / Half serving

Cod “Tellagorri” 29€/16€
Sole with fungi Meunière 34€/19€
Sea bass with roasted cauliflower Parmantier and short bouillon 39€/22€
Lobster with two wines 45€/25€
Hake Koxkera style 36€/20€
Fish of the Day from the fish market Market Price
  • Meat Full Price / Half serving

Center of Sirloin Steak with mushroom sauce and foie pôelé 32€/18€
Entrecôte of mature beef with its marrow, potato, egg yolk and red sauce 34€
Stuffed Pork Trotter with Lamb, mustard sauce and rolled potato puree 30€/17€
Roasted Suckling Lamb with kidney and crispy sweetbreads 30€/17€
Steak Tartare Zalacaín 33€/18€
Iberian Plume with trotters and rosemary sauce 32€/18€
*All our meats include a pommes soufflées side dish
  • Poultry and Game Full Price / Half serving

Squab hummus and pita bread 33€/18€
Poularde Royal 38€/20€
*All our meats include a pommes soufflées side dish
  • Desserts

Chocolate rose, nougat ice cream, Gianduja ground and orange blossom 12€
Airy panna cotta of O´cebreiro cheese with chestnuts in red wine and autumn crisp 12€
Vanilla toasted cream with grué ice cream and red fruits 12€
Apple ravioli with rooibos frost and evoo snow 12€
Creamy chocolate savarin with whiskey and poor-man´s churro 12€
Valencia organic lemon soufflé (20 min) 12€
Crêpes Zalacaín 14€
Sélection of artisan cheese 15€

All prices include 10% VAT

In Private Lounges, prices will increase by 10%.

Complaint forms and information on allergens are available upon request.

Tasting Menu

“Rosemary Butter”
“Coquettes Zalacain”
“Rose Petal with oyster tartare”
“Cocktail Bonbon”
Artichoke, fowl, foie gras and caviar
Onion Soup
Norway lobster, lime and ginger
John Dory, spinach, mushroom and lemon sauce
Steak tartare or pork trotters with tripe sauce and mashed potato
Roasted Guinea Fowl and brioche stuffed with its shank
Selection of Cheese
Lemon pie
Chocolate Utopia

Price: 98€

per person

Menu and wine pairing, selected by oru Sommelir: 147€
* Does not include starter snacks or digestifs.
* The tasting menu must be served for the whole table.

Bread and snacks 4,50€

VAT included

In private lounges, prices will increase by 10%

Complaint forms and information on allergens are available upon request.


Zalacaín preserves quality cuisine, good bases and seasonal products. Julio Miralles, Executive Chef, and his team strive every day to continue offering the root cuisine that has always been the hallmark of Zalacaín. Off-menu suggestions based on an excellent choice of products are key to offering our clients the best gastronomy.


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